Competition sustainable low-income housing 2018

The Jose Cuervo Foundation, in conjunction with the Graduate Programs in Sustainability of ITESO’s Department of Habitat and Urban Development, within the framework of the 2nd International Conference on Habitat Sustainability,

Announces the:

1st international competition for the conceptual project of sustainable low-income housing made with recycled materials from the agave-tequila productive chain and local materials.

National and international habitat specialists and students of architecture, civil engineering and related fields are invited to apply local construction techniques to the design of a sustainable low-income dwelling for local families living in situations of vulnerability in the community of Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico, which forms part of the Agave Landscape, recognized in 2006 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

At present, in this region of the Agave Landscape, an opportunity is being missed to utilize the large amounts of waste material from the agave-tequila productive chain; innovative techniques can repurpose this material for the design and construction of low-income housing, in combination with elements of traditional local architecture. The intention is to foster the exploitation, reuse and recycling of byproducts of the tequila manufacturing process and local materials, such as:

  • Wood from white oak barrels,
  • Agave pulp fiber or bagasse,
  • Glass from used tequila bottles,
  • Obsidian, a volcanic rock endemic to the region,
  • Opalo stones,
  • Earth brick with agave pulp fiber.

To register for the competition, send an e-mail to indicating in the body of the message “Solicitud_INSCRIPCION_CONCURSOCUERVO-ITESO”; in this same message, request your participation code and specify the name of the team and the team members’ names, provenance and contact information, including e-mail and telephone number. You will then receive a registration code which must be included as identification on your proposal, together with the team’s name.

Each team that registers will receive its own participation code and an information package containing the specifications of the recycled materials to be utilized as part of the construction system, the specifications of the proposed site of the sustainable low-income housing, and information about norms and regulations that must be met.

The winner will be announced on September 6, 2018, at 8:00 pm in Casa ITESO Clavigero (Calle José Guadalupe Zuno Hernández 2083, Colonia Obrera, 44140 Guadalajara, Jalisco), as part of the 2nd International Conference on Habitat Sustainability.

The award ceremony will include an exhibition of all participating proposals. The jury will be determined by the Organizing Committee of the 2nd International Conference on Habitat Sustainability, in conjunction with the Jose Cuervo Foundation.

Any matter not foreseen in this announcement will be decided by the Organizing Committee of the Competition and its decision will be irrevocable.


To design a conceptual project of sustainable low-income housing that is attractive, comfortable, safe and compatible with local regulations, reutilizing byproducts from the tequila manufacturing process and local materials, with a special focus on providing housing solutions for marginalized segments of the population of the Agave Landscape region. The proposal must be presented at the conceptual level, and include a definition of the possibility of building in stages, estimates of building costs, and a determination of the feasibility of self-construction.


The proposals will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria (not in order of importance).

  1. Functionality. Efficient use of space and specified recycled materials in combination with traditional materials.
  2. Formal aspect. An aesthetic component related to the regional cultural identity of the Agave Landscape, as well as originality of design.
  3. Technological innovation in the sustainable use of available recycled and local materials.
  4. Application of sustainability criteria: the dwelling should adapt functionally to the conditions of the physical surroundings and the sociocultural needs of the local population, and make optimal rational use of natural resources.
  5. Social function. It should offer solutions to the social challenge of providing affordable housing that can be built in stages by the target population.
  6. Clarity and coherence of the conceptual project.


  • Interested participants must form teams, preferably multidisciplinary, with no more than 3 members.
  • Proposals must be submitted on two digital posters measuring 0.90 cm x 0.60 cm (35.43 inches x 23.62 inches), with an image resolution of 300 dpi. The posters must be submitted in .jpg or .png format, in an e-mail with a subject line of “CONCURSO” followed by the registration code and team name (Example: CONCURSO123_EQUIPOAGAVE).
  • The printed posters must arrive in August 13. They must be sent between the 6th and at the longest the 13, 2018 to the campus of ITESO, the Jesuit University of Guadalajara. Address: Periférico Sur Manuel Gómez Morín 8585, C.P. 45604 San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jal. Att’n.: Dra. Mónica Solórzano Gil, Coordinación de Posgrados de Sustentabilidad, Edificio Q4, Oficina 15, Departamento del Hábitat y Desarrollo Urbano. Tel. 36693434 ext. 3297
  • The graphic design of the posters is up to each team; however, it is recommended to include sketches, perspectives or renderings that reflect a consideration of the proposed siting, the utilization of the recycled materials, the building systems employed, the formal and spatial characteristics, floor plans, cross-sections, façades, architectural details, diagrams, etc.
  • A descriptive memory should be submitted in PDF format, consisting of no more than 5 pages and specifying the conceptual design criteria, including the proposal’s technical construction aspects as well as the economic and technical feasibility of self-construction.
  • In addition to the posters, a factsheet in PDF format must be submitted, with the name of the team and team members, and an address, e-mail and telephone number as contact information.
  • The team’s name (e.g., 123_EQUIPOAGAVE) must appear in the top right-hand corner of the two presentation posters. It is important not to put your name or that of any company on any of the submitted posters.


  • The registration period begins with the launch of this announcement on April 16 and ends on August 3, 2018.
  • The deadline for receiving the conceptual projects for low-income housing pursuant to the specifications attached to the announcement is August 13, 2018.
  • The jury will review the proposals received and notify the winners by e-mail on August 24, 2018.

The results will also be published on August 24, 2018, and can be consulted at:


The first-place team will win 3 Workstation computers (Asus ROG 15.6” laptop, Intel Core i7, 16GB of memory, 256GB solid state unit) and a commemorative bottle, plus the opportunity to form part of the technical team that will develop the executive project of the winning proposal. The intention is to build a 1:1 scale prototype of the proposed construction system, to be exhibited on September 7, 2018 as part of the activities of the 2nd International Conference on Habitat Sustainability, at ITESO.

Second place will be awarded 3 tablets (Ipad 5 Wifi 128 GB 9.7”) and a commemorative bottle, while third place will win 3 design tablets (Wacom). All registered teams will receive their corresponding certificate of participation.


For more information on the competition:

To contact the Organizing Committee of the competition:


a. OCTAVIO DOMINGO GONZÁLEZ PADILLA. Instituto Jalisciense de Vivienda. IJALVI.
b. MARTÍN MACIAS QUINTERO. Cámara Nacional de la Industria de Desarrollo y Promoción de Vivienda. CANADEVI
c. SANDY MINIER. DPEA-Arquitectura de Tierra y Culturas Constructivas, CRATerre. Consultora-Consejera de la Red MesoAmeri-Kaab (Red MAK), Consultora-cooperante AGEH-Misereord.
d. CÉSAR GARCÍA SOTO. Gerente de sustentabilidad del INFONAVIT y encargado del Centro de Investigación para el Desarrollo.
e. SONIA SPÍNOLA DE LA LLAVE. Fundación Jose Cuervo
f. JUSTO IGNACIO PONCE DE LEON. Coordinación Arquitectura, ITESO
g. GIL HUMBERTO OCHOA GONZALEZ. Coordinación Ingeniería Civil. ITESO.


a. SARA TOPELSON DE GRINBERG. CIDOC. Centro de investigación y documentación de la casa.
c. ELENA OCHOA MENDOZA. CIPTEV. Centro de Investigación y Producción de Tecnología Ecológica para la Vivienda
f. ENRIQUE ORTIZ. HIC AL. Habitat International Coalition América Latina
h. OSCAR HUMBERTO CASTRO MERCADO. ITESO. Departamento del Hábitat y Desarrollo Urbano.
i. MÓNICA SOLÓRZANO GIL. ITESO. Posgrados de Sustentabilidad.



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Esbozan viviendas dignas con materiales reciclados

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3 minutos

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Crean viviendas con materiales reciclados

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Destaca Aguascalientes con el proyecto “Vivienda Agave”

El Occidental (Text)
Concluye concurso de vivienda sustentable

Reciclaje en Tequila para viviendas sustentables

El Occidental (Text)
Desarrollan casa con desechos en la producción de tequila

Canal 44 (Video)
Convocan al Primer Concurso Internacional de Vivienda Social Sustentable

C7 (Video)
Congreso Internacional de Vivienda Social Sustentable organizada por Iteso y Fundación José Cuervo

Radiorama DK (Audio)
ITESO y Fundación José Cuervo lanzan concurso para vivienda sustentable

Nine Fiction (Text)
En Pos de la Vivienda Sustentable


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