The Department of Habitat and Urban Development, the Master’s Degree in Sustainable Projects and Construction, and the Master’s Degree in Sustainable Cities and Public Spaces


Technological Innovation and Social Creativity in the Construction of Resilient Cities.

This international conference is being organized within the framework of ITESO’s 60th anniversary, and will take place from September 5 to 7, 2018. This event is conceived as an opportunity to exchange academic and professional experiences by participating in different specialized activities: presentations, talks, discussion panels, workshops, guided technical visits and exhibits, with people sharing technological innovations and successful scenarios of social creativity that have helped to build resilient cities.

The topics will be divided into two main thematic areas:

TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION: As an essential element for development and its application in the sustainability and resilience of cities. This topic refers mainly to projects and experiences related to the construction of resilient and inclusive cities, such as: technological prototypes, sustainable building materials and systems, technologies and the design of new devices for comprehensive water and waste management, and energy efficiency.

SOCIAL CREATIVITY: The human factor in projects focusing on social creativity as a tool for generating proposals that contribute to urban resilience, for example: public policy proposals, social participation models for territorial management, intervention proposals to promote resilience, new social approaches for providing housing, evaluation of governance experiences, innovative methodologies for the measurement and analysis of the social and environmental impacts of urbanization, as well as experiences of urban landscape intervention and transformation in the context of heritage sites and protected natural areas.

The congress will include the following types of activities.

  • Keynote speeches by prominent specialists in the field of sustainability, from both Mexico and abroad.
  • Discussions with specialists, companies and non-governmental organizations.
  • Workshops run by prominent professionals from the field.

We invite academics, students, innovators, entrepreneurs and decision-makers who are concerned about sustainability to participate in this conference and share their experiences in the following formats:

  • Structured papers within the two main thematic areas of the conference, in oral face-to-face modality and in poster format.
  • Presentations by technologists and providers of materials and services related to sustainable habitat construction.

This Conference is aimed primarily at people from the following sectors:

Private sector:

  • Urbanism professionals who wish to enhance their practice through experiences and the implementation of strategies and techniques that promote sustainability.
  • Members of the business sector who offer technology or innovative services in the field of habitat sustainability.
  • Builders, urban developers and technologists who are looking to offer innovative solutions.

Public sector:

  • Government agencies in charge of managing funding for sustainability-oriented technological and social proposals.
  • Government officials who are looking for an opportunity to discuss strategies and find creative solutions to achieve better city management.

Social sector:

  • Civil associations, community organizations, collectives, citizen networks, and national and international organizations with projects in different areas of sustainability and urban resilience.

Academic sector:

  • Professors, researchers and students from Institutions of Higher Education who are interested in updating their competencies and knowledge and finding allies to implement projects in different areas of sustainability.


Those interested in presenting a paper or poster must submit an abstract in Word format (.docx), not exceeding 350 words, in Arial 11-point font, 2.5 cm margins, and include the following information:

  • Title and subtitle of the presentation, in boldface capitals, single-spaced, in Arial 14 and 12-point font respectively.
  • Thematic category for which the abstract is proposed.
  • Name(s) of the author(s).
  • Institution (university, company, government agency, civil organization, etc.)
  • Affiliation (Department, school, area, unit, etc.)
  • Address, state and city.
  • Current telephone numbers and e-mail.

Abstracts should relate to the conference’s thematic categories and contain a brief but concise description of the proposed case study: objectives, methodology, content, discussion and conclusions. It must include at the most four key words and be submitted to the following e-mail address: consustentabilidad@iteso.mx

The deadline to submit abstracts is Friday March 9, 2018.

Please include in the e-mail subject: Thematic area, followed by the surnames. Example: CREATIVIDADSOCIAL_FLORESROMERO.

The authors selected for the conference will be notified on Friday, March 23, 2018 of the modality in which they are invited to participate: presentation or poster.

Final papers and posters must be submitted before Friday, May 18, 2018. To be included in the program, the registration fee must be paid in advance.

Final papers must meet the following editorial criteria:

  • Abstract in English and Spanish edited to 100 words at the most.
  • Length between 7,000 and 9,000 words, on letter size paper, including charts, photographs and graphics integrated into the text.
  • The paper must be submitted in Word format.
  • Title in capital letters, centered, in boldface Arial 14-point font.
  • After the title: Thematic area, name(s) of the author(s), authors’ home institutions, all aligned on the left-hand margin in Arial 12-point bold font.
  • Subtitles in Arial 12-point font.
  • The text of the paper in Arial 12-point font, 1.5 line spacing, justified.
  • 2.5-cm margins.
  • Footnotes, Arial 9-point font.
  • Quotes in text: surname of author(s), year, page(s).
  • Bibliography at the end of the document, in alphabetical order, following APA format.
  • Include page numbers.



This Conference will publish a book in both printed and digital formats. For the purpose of the publication of final papers, ITESO and the Scientific Committee of the International Conference on Habitat Sustainability will select the best papers, which will be published as long as the registration fee has been covered and the corresponding letter assigning copyright, signed by all participants, has been uploaded to the conference system.


Registration and reception of proposals will open once this invitation is published on this website.

All participants– presenters and attendees– must fill out the corresponding electronic registration form. Likewise, they must cover the corresponding registration fee and attach the deposit slip or transfer receipt to the registration form.


Público en general

3 días de Conferencias Magistrales, Ponencias y Talleres.


$1,750.00 pesos



Estudiantes con credencial vigente

3 días de Conferencias Magistrales, Ponencias y Talleres.


$600.00 pesos



Egresados y profesores del ITESO

3 días de Conferencias Magistrales, Ponencias y Talleres.


$600.00 pesos



1 Conferencia Magistral

Sin constancia de participación.


$100.00 pesos



1 Taller

Sin constancia de participación.


$300.00 pesos



Mañana de Conferencia Magistral y Ponencias

Sin constancia de participación.


$400.00 pesos



Día de Conferencia Magistral, Ponencias y Taller

Sin constancia de participación.


$600.00 pesos



For members of civil associations, collectives, non-governmental organizations and graduate students studying in Mexico who are interested in attending or presenting a paper at the conference, ITESO will offer early registration discounts and a limited number of registration waivers. The waivers must be requested via e-mail at: consustentabilidad@iteso.mx; making the request does not ensure the waiver will be granted.


March 9 Deadline to submit abstract.
March 23 Notification to authors of selected papers.
May 18 Deadline to submit final papers and posters.
Wednesday, September 5 to Friday, September 7 2nd International Conference on Habitat Sustainability



The event will be held in the Pedro Arrupe SJ Auditorium of ITESO, the Jesuit University of Guadalajara, Periférico Sur Manuel Gómez Morín # 8585 C.P. 45604. Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico.


E-mail: consustentabilidad@iteso.mx


Master’s Degree in Sustainable Projects and Construction | Master’s Degree in Sustainable Cities and Public Spaces
Department of Habitat and Urban Development
ITESO, Jesuit University of Guadalajara

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